The Via Larga, which now is called Via Cavour, used to be one of the widest streets of Florence ; it was made like this in the 14th century and has never been broadened since then. In fact, this street was wider than many of the city public squares and was therefore often used for celebrations and public demonstrations, such as the traditional football matches of the “Calcio in Costume”.

The importance of Via Larga and its surroundings grew very much in the Early Renaissance, when the Medici Family installed themselves there and had Michelozzo build the Palazzo Medici, and than also the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, one of the most beautiful Renaissnce buildings, that set the standards for all future civil architecture. The Già Via Larga B&B is only a few meters from the Palace.

In 1861 Via Larga was renamed Via Cavour, at the same day the famous statesman died. When in 1865 Florence became the capital of Italy , Via Cavour turned into the fulcrum of the new administration centre.